Please respect our rules or ‘general conditions’ when using or buying photos from Christian Degroote Photography. These license rules are also included in every download.

  • All photos are copyrighted and ownership remains with Christian Degroote at all time unless otherwise agreed.
  • All published photos including a watermark are available under a BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license. This license allows you to download the photos and share them onlineĀ  when referencing the author (Christian Degroote) and site ( or for personal / private use (example: share a photo with your friends on social media). The photo cannot be altered (filters, cropping, …) in any way and cannot be used in any commercial context. More information on
  • Published photos can only be re-used as individual copies, it is not allowed to reproduce a complete set or album! You can use one or two images in an editorial context, but no more. Please reference with a link to this site for more photos.
  • Not only photos on this site but also the images we publish on social media are copyright Christian Degroote and have the same restrictions. You are allowed to share our posts but you cannot download and re-use the photos in any other way as listed in these rules. Downloading and reposting photos for other then personal / private usage is a violation of copyright.
  • Purchased editorial or personal / private licensed photos are not to be used for publications in any way and cannot be used for commercial purposes, all purchases include a low resolution version including the watermark which can be used for sharing.
  • Purchased downloads remain available for at least 6 months. Once downloaded the buyer is responsible to save the photos on a personal device, Christian Degroote Photography is not responsible for loss files after the initial download(s) is completed.
  • Purchased photos are delivered as is, the previews on this site are a correct representation of the original high resolution versions. No restitution is possible.
  • Need photos for other purposes then editorial or personal / private usage, please contact us!
  • All photos visible on this site are taken during public events (competitions, shows, …) with permission of or in an agreement with the organizer. We sometimes add the names of persons / clubs to facilitate search features on this site. If you prefer your photos not to be published please contact us.
  • When registering on this site we do NOT share your personal information with any other parties unless needed to service your needs (example: to send prints we need to supply your address to the company that handles the printing).